Ok, let’s talk turkey…

I have been wondering why I decided to say out loud “I am not buying clothes for a year”… and truth be told I am still searching for the right answer. I have come up with a few reasons though:

  • I have gained weight and have to have some type of incentive to get back into my old wardrobe…which is quite nice by the way
  • I do not throw clothes away until they are beyond worn and this will give me an opportunity to get rid of some
  • I have way more t-shirts than any reasonable person should
  • I am crazy

I am going to address these things one by one, so here goes.

1. I have gained weight and need incentive. You hear people say (Stacey and Clinton) “dress for the size you are now, not the size you want to be or used to be”. This is something I strive to do…but since leaving my job in January have gained about 25lbs. How can I dress the size I am now when I got rid of all my “fat” clothes the last time I lost this weight. I have lost these same pounds a few times so I have experience in this category. I REFUSE to buy more clothes in a bigger size.

Yesterday was “rock bottom”. I put on a cute outfit and went to go put on my black dress boots..no go people. For the first time in my life my shoes did not fit because I was too fat. What the hell! My calves can not “suck it in” like the rest of me can. I told the hubby I had hit rock bottom, I had had it! He of course curtailed my impending rant with humor…gotta love him!

The lack of ability to lose this weight again has caused me to have very little to wear. You will find out more about that as time goes on I’m sure.

2. I do not throw clothes away…why would I? They have holes in or are stained from forgetting my Bert’s bee’s in my jeans and then wash and dry them…nah!!! You have to wear them out. It is easier for me to throw all other things out but not my clothes…even if they are wearing thin! I have four casualties at home that need to be thrown. They are laying on the floor of my laundry room, ready for pictures so I have proof they are in a bad way and need to be thrown.

3. The t-shirt thing….the hubby has waaaay more than I do but I have a lot of them. Again, some of them do not even fit due to the 25+ lbs I currently have. I can not throw them away though. I feel like I have to get use out of them. Most of them I did not even pay for. Swag is an amazing thing…Pokerstars and PokerXfactor have no clue how much advertising I do for them, wearing their tshirts around the community center. Lots of advertising they get from me.

4. I am crazy. I knew that already and so did my closest (and not so closest) friends. I am not crazy like I need to be institutionalized crazy. Just a little crazy.

So I am continuing on this journey and have already realized that I have to buy a pair of black pants that fit (photographing a wedding and coordinating another) and a pair of basic black shoes. I already feel guilt for knowing I have to do it but since my black dress capris do not fit and the calves will not suck themselves into the boots I have no choice.

It’s sarong….it’s so right!

I sewed it!Ok, so this is a long time coming. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with a great group of girls in a little down called Lake City Minnesota. First of all, it is the cutest little town that has a great beach. Just one that I know of but I am sure there are more. We got there early in the morning and spent the first part of the day in the overcast getting “sun”. We looked at magazines and ate candy and had a great time. This group of girls is really amazing and I was honored to even be invited.

This weekend caused a problem though, what to wear. The beach was the biggest issue. As women most of us love getting into a swimsuit right? NO!! I already had a suit so no problem there but what to wear over it? I needed a sarong… You know, one of those super forgiving wraps to put around yourself when you want to run around on the beach. I did not have a sarong… yet. I do now!!

I sewed one! That’s right people I sew, at least I do now. It goes hand in hand with not buying any clothes (which FYI was the worst decision I have ever made..ok maybe not that but but close!). I have decided I can sew clothes to wear but I can not buy them. In addition to learning a new talent I can try to clothe myself when times are tough. Like now..if I lose 20 lbs. I have a whole new wardrobe waiting for me but that is another post.

Contrary to popular belief…

Chivalry is not dead!

Yesterday I had some errands to run and one of them was to take a very old and ginormous monitor to Best Buy to recycle. As I tried to balance my purse, keys and one hell of a monitor I noticed a guy about my age sorta looking at me and walking my way.¬† Then I noticed a dad type and his 15ish year old son stopping right in front of me in their truck…that is when it happened. The 15 year old son got out of the truck and walked over to me and smiled and asked if I needed help. Yes, yes I do I said. He took the monitor from me and carried it into the store and dropped it off by the rest of the computer stuff to be recycled.

That 15 year old boy will grow up to make one fine man. Even if his dad asked him to help me I know that boy is being raised correctly. If you ask me the guy that saw me and did not say or do anything may need to take some lessons from this boy.

My very first time….

That’s right. It’s my first time! Now get your mind out of the gutter, I meant my first time writing a post on my blog. I know, big whoop right? Well, maybe not to you but to me it’s HUGE!! While I am not completely unaware of technological advancements I am a bit befuddled by them. I guess you have to start somewhere so here it is!

This blog is for nothing inparticular, just my way of getting my thoughts out there in case anyone is interested.

The first thing I am going to tell you about is the AWFUL decision I made on July 15th. For some reason that day I decided to go a year without purchasing any clothes. That’s right, you heard what I wrote-NO CLOTHES FOR A YEAR! Why? you ask. Truth be told, I am still trying to figure that one out myself. I must have momentarily lost my freaking mind. Within 5 minutes I regreted my decision. Was I able to go a whole year with no clothes? I am still not so sure but what the hell right?

Immediately I had to define “clothes”. Now you would think this would be simple- jeans, shirts, jackets and the like. I agree but are socks clothes? What about bras? Crap, what about shoes? Shoes aren’t clothes right? WRONG! They are all clothes and I get to buy none of them for the next year. That means no matter how great the sales are at Target or how much the coupon is for off at JCPenny’s I get none of it. So can I shop at thrift stores? NOPE! Savers and the thrift are still clothes. I regret every day that I made this decision but I did and now I have to live with it.

The first time it really affected me was this past Tuesday night, July 28th. I went to HippieFest at the State Theatre in Minneapolis with a friend. Now 14 days prior¬† this would have given me ample reason to hit the thrift or Target to buy something “hippyish” or “Woodstockesque” to wear. When I actually realized I could not go buy anything new I freaked. I had nothing in my closet that is remotely “hippyish” or ” Woodstockesque”…then it hit me. In 1994 I went to Woodstock in New Yorkand bought a t-shirt that looked like a bad acid trip and the best part was I still had it. Crisis averted. I wore the shirt and had a great time and best of all, I was one day, one crisis closer to being able to buy clothes….July 14, 2010.